fieldgeniusMicroSurvey FieldGenius was designed for Land Surveying, Civil Engineering, Seismic Surveying, and Construction Staking professionals to provide unequalled data collection simplicity and field calculating performance.

The Graphic User interface allows you to build the drawing as you measure, providing you with instant visual confirmation of accurate data collection and survey calculations. It includes the ability to draw linework as you measure from point to point without the need for cumbersome line coding.

FieldGenius takes advantage of the Windows CE touch screen capability by allowing you to tap points and lines in your drawing to open toolbars with all the function you need instantly. Functions that are not available directly from FieldGenius graphics display are available from a simple main menu which is organized by task. Please spend some time looking over this document or watch our movies to become familiar with the functionality of FieldGenius.

Once you’ve collected your data in the field you can export it directly out of FieldGenius using many different file types such as ASCII, DXF, XML, SDR, or ESRI Shapefiles. If you have MicroSurvey CAD or inCAD desktop software, then you can read your FieldGenius projects into it directly. FieldGenius raw file is based on the popular industry-standard TDS RW5 format which means you probably already have software that can import this raw file type and process it. This means you don’t need to purchase expensive products to process your FieldGenius projects.

Importing data into FieldGenius is just as easy as exporting. You can import ASCII, XML and DXF files directly into FieldGenius.

Our instrument control is easy to use and very powerful. Access to your instrument controls is available on the main interface at all times so there is no need to swap to other screens or menus.

As always, MicroSurvey welcomes your comments and suggestions for our products.