• Surveying
  • Construction
  • Industrial applications
  • Free Station
  • Stake Out
  • Reference Line/Arc
  • Area Calculation
  • The Distance
  • Height transfers
  • Inaccessible Points

Total Stations

2″ (0.6mgon)

3″ (1.0mgon)

5″ (1.5mgon)

Triple Axis
Dual Axis

Power Topo CE with Intelligent Cursor

  • Display results in real time with colour maps as you measure.
  • Open Platform allows you to run major softwares such as PowerTopoCE, SurvCE
  • Graphical Stakeout display results in real time on colour maps as you measure in the fi eld
  • Increased Productivity swift and easy connectivity, large colour LCD, 640×480 pixels with touch screen function